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Jose María Elguero, Director of the MARSH Spain Studies Service and Professor at Comillas Pontifical University (ICAI-ICADE) The economy is one of the pillars of any society, and the financial system is the most visible aspect of it. Without *numoderuota* Function Email Database in the economy there is no investment, no consumption, no creation of new *numoderuota*, among other risks. In the current global economic context , of which Spain is no stranger, there are interrelated risks of economic content that can manifest themselves, in terms of impact and probability, in asset bubbles, fiscal crises and increases in structural unemployment. The 2016 Global Risks Report of the World Economic Forum in Davoswarns, precisely, that unemployment and *numoderuota* Function Email Database constitute a major threat in the temporary scenario of the next 18 months (with 26% globally) that is associated with political and social instability and, in some cases, with migrations involuntary. Why is financial confidence so important?

In reality, trust in general is important, both professional and political or social, and, of course, in the context of a market economy, financial trust plays a crucial role since countries, their economies, their markets, their companies and its citizens *numoderuota* Function Email Database on it for their development. On an external level, financial confidence in a country and its economy attracts investment, which *numoderuota* Function Email Database employment; and at the internal level, said confidence generates consumption, employment and stability. Still immersed in a deep economic crisis, in a context of instability and lack of confidence in the European Union (Brexit, obsolescence of some *numoderuota* Function Email Database institutions, monetary policies of the ECB that have not had the desired effects...), also in Spain it has been The lack of protagonism that the regulatory bodies have had, such as the Bank of Spain, the CNMV or the Government itself when it comes to anticipating the bailouts of some banks, the preferred ones, the COCOs, the Bankia case, the case.

Ausbanc, the Panama papers, and a long etcetera that has contributed to the deterioration of the necessary financial confidence of society. 68.4% of Spaniards still consider that the economic situation is bad or very bad, thus reflecting a lack of confidence in the system For this reason, and despite the fact that according to INE data the Spanish economy grew by 3.2% in 2015 , the perception of citizens regarding the improvement of the *numoderuota* Function Email Database does not respond to these figures since the CIS Barometer of April 2016 reveals that 68.4% of Spaniards still consider the economic situation to be bad or very bad, thus reflecting a lack of confidence in the system. The AEB recognized last year that the absence of this by the clients of the financial sector could pose a risk of perishing, and warned of the need to correct the flaws in the banking model and in customer service.
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Debilas ir dhakoje debilas :mrgreen:
Baigta pradinė, po to aštuonmetė, vidurinė, aukštasis, plataus profilio traktorininkas... Ir prie ko čia ham, kaip kai kas garsiai skelbiasi.
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O kur gi čia yra kokie tvarkdariai moderatoriai reklamas trint?
Dar gerai, kad po...rno nekelia.
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